Nobody is left out

Source: UT news 28 june 2001

Federico Buccoleri will finish his contract with the UT on 1st December 2001. He works in the faculty of Electrical Engineering, Integrated Circuits (IC) group. The UT finances his project: wide band amplifiers for telecommunication. In these 4 years the project shifted from the original idea to a concrete application: the design of a low noise amplifier for a radio antenna. In the IC group the members of the permanent staff together with the group leader, professor Bram Nauta, have many years' industrial experience.

Federico thinks that having the experience of working in a company before coming to work in a university is a major plus in his field: "It helps you to define your tasks, to focus the research towards a clear application. Having good and reliable contacts with the industry means technical expertise during your project and, because of their experience, our supervisors know were to look for answers and support. They can also advise you were to go after finishing the study here."

Even now that time is running out Federico has not yet applied for a job; he is putting all his efforts in writing his thesis. He is not hurrying up because "I know that I can find a job easily. In my area nobody is left out. Most of my colleagues will work in industry and probably I will do the same. Another option would be to work in a research institute but for me in particular starting a job will be difficult because I am married and I have two small kids. I would have to start somewhere without my family and, after a while, ask them to join me if it is a good place with the opportunity of working there for quite a while."

(added 2001-06-28)