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PhD. students ( / AIO )

NameV. Agarwal, MSc (Vishal) Agarwal, MSc V.  (Vishal)
DepartmentEEMCS / Electrical Engineering
AddressCarré, 2724
 P.O. Box 217
 7500 AE Enschede
 The Netherlands
Phone+31 53 489 5177
Secretary+31 53 489 4831


Optocoupling in CMOS (O-i-C)

In ICD group, I work on Optocoupling in CMOS in collaboration with Semiconductor Components (SC) group. In this project, we aim at designing an optocoupler in mainline CMOS process. Optocouplers transmit data using a modulated light source and receive using a photodetector. Due to absence of physical contact, they can also provide high galvanic isolation. Ability to fabricate them in a mainline CMOS process would be very cost effective.

I focus on circuit design aspects of this project. I am looking at designing driver circuits at source end and a read out circuit at receiver end. Our aim is to achieve high data rates along with high galvanic isolation.