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PhD. students ( / AIO )

NameM. Huiskamp, MSc (Maikel) Huiskamp, MSc M.  (Maikel)
DepartmentEEMCS / Electrical Engineering
AddressCarré, 2641
 P.O. Box 217
 7500 AE Enschede
 The Netherlands
Phone+31 53 489 5183
Secretary+31 53 489 4831

SHERPAS: Self-HEaling Rf Power Amplifier Systems

RF-power amplifiers are essential for all wireless communication systems. Modern RF-power amplifiers incorporate design margins to compensate for process variations and environmental influences. The design margin required in the RF-power amplifier both lowers its performance and increases its cost. To mitigate the issues of process variation and environmental influences self-healing can be applied. With self-healing a control loop is created that measures operating condition of the RF-power amplifier and uses the acquired information to correct for unwanted behavior due to process variations and environmental influences.

The aim of this research is to design a power and area efficient integrated self-healing RF-power amplifier.